The Purple Cow Seth Godin

A Whimsical Guide to Extraordinary Success

First seen on my blog: The Purple Cow Seth Godin how for businesses to succeed. (

There is nothing but an ingredient to be successful: to be a Purple Cow.

Wait, what’s a Purple Cow? The Purple Cow is a concept defined by Seth Godin to indicate the extraordinary that permits to a business to come out from the mass and build success. It is not an advantage, not only.

It is the necessary choice.

And, unfortunately, it’s not enough.

Having a Purple Cow enable the success. But executing your business to deliver the Purple Cow and defend from the false moos it is mandatory. Or the false sense of extraordinariety of looking at themselves in the mirror.

But the Purple Cow it’s the foundation.

Here is the how:

1. Developing an Extraordinary Product

The journey to extraordinary begins with the product itself.

Imagine if your coffee maker could also give you compliments or if your shoes could tell you stories about where they’ve been. It’s not about adding bells and whistles to an existing offering but reimagining what a product can be.

This stage is about innovation at its core, about solving problems in ways that have never been considered.

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.”

The Purple Cow, Seth Godin

To develop an extraordinary product, start by identifying the status quo in your industry: What are the accepted norms, and why do they exist?

Challenge these norms and ask “What if?” :

  • What if you could make a product faster, more durable, or more beautiful?
  • What if you could change the way people interact with it?

These questions are the seeds from which your Purple Cow will grow.

And remember, if at first, you don’t succeed, it’s probably because you’re not wearing your thinking cap — or maybe you just need…



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