Join Your Family Business Before to Work for Others.

How I Thrived As A 8-figure CEO

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The salmon is famous for swimming against the stream and coming back to the exact place where they hatched to reproduce. Eventually, because of the efforts it made, the salmon dies. What a sacrifice!

I love this image because I do the same lot of times.

No, I’m sorry, not to die for the sake of reproduction. Of course.

I am used to betting on unpopular decisions.

That is a story of the most challenging moment when I decided to swim against the stream, and it’s when I decided to join my family’s business right after graduation despite everyone’s opinion.

As a family, we own Urania Group, a manufacturing B2B company based in Tuscany, Italy. It’s a business that’s worth $60M today.

Urania Group sells components for the Modular Construction Industry. It is a couple of companies: Panurania, the parent company, that produces insulated sandwich walls, and Serrall, which produces windows and doors.

My grandfather often brought me during his travels around Europe when I was a kid. I grew up fed with bread and entrepreneurship. Although I always wanted to study engineering, I chose Industrial Engineering to pursue the idea of working in the company of my family.

However, during my years at University, I decided not to work in Urania Group. In 2013, after I finished my Master of Science, I started my professional journey, and I was intent on avoiding any contact with Urania.

As a teenager, I was so unhappy with the little time my mother, CFO in the company, spent at home. When I started to plan a lifelong relationship with my wife, I declared with the solemnity of a Pope: “I will NEVER come back from work late for dinner!”

So, the opportunity of coming back to Urania never crossed my mind. At least, not at the beginning of my journey.



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