How NOT to appoint managers. Beware of specialists.

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The biggest challenge for organizations is people care. Indeed, it’s the most valuable asset for creating a never-ending story. An organization without the right people certainly has only that sooner or later, it will die.

And the question is: “how do you find the right people”?

In my job as the CEO of 8 figure business, I need to answer this question repeatedly as my daily job.

The CEO’s most important jobs are to decide and execute the right strategy and to create the best possible co-leaders in the company.

But it’s time to face the truth: the more someone is a well-established leader in doing the hard work, the more they would become a bad manager or leader.

There is not a single drop of sweat or an extra hour to rack your brains in front of a product that will make you a better manager. It’s not the sheer volume of problem-ridden emails you bring to your boss or the brilliance of the new screws you’ve designed that makes you a leadership champion.

Leadership is a different subject than technical skills. A leader can bring someone from drawing lines on a computer to managing a team that gives life to a full product from a 3D printer. The leader’s bulletin board is nailed with the mission of growing an incredible talent to become the new leader.

Life in the technicolor of specialists is full of solutions to challenging problems. They are brilliant. You can find them creating a new way to extract clean water from exhausted waterjets.

But they are so successful in their job that it would be incredibly overwhelming to change habits and start focusing on the success of others.

Let’s start from the beginning, from a story that carries the pain of a light pole caught while we are running at full speed looking away, and that suddenly shows itself as we turn around, hitting us with all its heavy stillness.

The story of a brilliant specialist who leaves after the burden of being called to be a leader.

The memory of a painful story made of obvious but wrong decisions



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