About me, a CEO and a father.

I trigger talent to create a better world.

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I’m an entrepreneur, a leader, and a creator.

My life as the CEO of a Family Business

First, I am an industrial engineer and a CEO.

Not a startup one.

I am the CEO of a real hard B2B manufacturing company.

We are an Italian group called Urania with a turnover of over €50M.

I am the “third-generation”.

My grandfather started the company in 1979, producing sandwich panels for modular buildings.

In 2015 we bought a company called Serrall, where I became the CEO in 2018, guiding it through a Complete Lean Transformation that transformed us into a principle-first learning organization.

In 2019 I learned that my Why is activating talent to create a better world.

I started to change the organizations creating a vision and shared values.

In 2020 I started a project with other friends to create a better world through better organizations.

The project is top secret, but something interesting is coming.

Stay tuned!

A father of two toddlers

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We are 5: me, my wife Sara, My two daughters Emma (3) and Maria (0), and Maple (4), my English Springer Spaniel.

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