5 golden rules to give feedback really useful for your team

Lessons learned as a CEO of a $60M company

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Feedback is the only way to grow excellent organizations.

As a CEO of a $60M company, in the last 5 years, I gave feedback to over 300 people. People are cold about feedback. They don’t know if is it worth it to listen to feedback from a peer or the manager.



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Matteo Cervelli | People Gardener 🧑‍🌾

Matteo Cervelli | People Gardener 🧑‍🌾


🪴 Cultivating fertile environments for leaders to trigger people’s blooming 📝 Writing on strategy + coaching + parenting 👨‍💼 CEO midsize org. | Father of 2