3 Lessons For 8 Figure CEOs To Master Effective Delegation And Oversee Multiple Projects Without Feeling Overwhelmed

A CEO/executive on a ready to explod tanker, resembling the Great Molasses Flood of Boston, 1919, but with Tasks and Emails attached on the external of the tanker.
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Do you spend the day hunched over, reading emails in front of a screen?

Does your task list explode like a Molasses tanker in Boston?

Learning to delegate effectively is meant to be easy.

Keep reading to steal the top 3 lessons I learned as a CEO I used to spend the day reading incoming emails. I was angry because I felt the only one committed to solving problems. I felt overwhelmed by tasks that were overdue or not completed correctly.

Then I started to work on specific systems.

Lesson #1: Clear communication

In the world of delegation, communication is the glue that holds everything together!

It requires attention, not just throwing your needs into someone else’s day. I thought I communicated clearly what I needed. I launched tasks into people like ball shooters.

I was so proud of being the best communicator, but the truth is that I wasn’t.

People didn’t understand, and when you communicate is your responsibility to do it well.


  • State the goal, and clarify what you expect as a correct completion.
  • Verify the reception of the message: practice active listening, and ask people to repeat what they did understand.
  • Make a completion checklist.

Start slow, accelerate faster.

Lesson #2: Proper allocation

Ever feel like you’re wearing too many hats?

Proper task allocation ensures that each team member can focus on what they do best, boosting efficiency and morale!

You must consider:

  • individual strengths
  • skills
  • interests
  • prestige

Think more about who is the right person for the right task to ensure efficiency and quality results.

Lesson #3: Trust and Empowerment



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