3 Lessons For 8 Figure CEOs To Master Effective Delegation And Oversee Multiple Projects Without Feeling Overwhelmed

A CEO/executive on a ready to explod tanker, resembling the Great Molasses Flood of Boston, 1919, but with Tasks and Emails attached on the external of the tanker.
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Do you spend the day hunched over, reading emails in front of a screen?

Does your task list explode like a Molasses tanker in Boston?

Learning to delegate effectively is meant to be easy.

Keep reading to steal the top 3 lessons I learned as a CEO I used to spend the day reading incoming emails. I was angry because I felt the only one committed to solving problems. I felt overwhelmed by tasks that were overdue or not completed correctly.

Then I started to work on specific systems.

Lesson #1: Clear communication

In the world of delegation, communication is the glue that holds everything together!

It requires attention, not just throwing your needs into someone else’s day. I thought I communicated clearly what I needed. I launched tasks into people like ball shooters.

I was so proud of being the best communicator, but the truth is that I wasn’t.

People didn’t understand, and when you communicate is your responsibility to do it well.


  • State the goal, and clarify what you…



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