3 big reasons to follow my online journey as a $60M CEO

The heritage of a better world.

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Everyone has a unique archipelago of ideas to share.

The internet offers everyone the possibility to leverage ideas. My 2022 allows me to create a public image that everyone can see. And I knew incredible people who inspired me.

I want to express myself, and that’s why it is worth it to follow me.

I want to help leaders develop talents.

I have led over 300 people in my career as a CEO.

What I have learned is that each person has unique, different talents. When you observe well, everyone is extraordinary. The leaders’ job is to make sure that the talents of the people who are entrusted to them emerge.

I can’t hide the methods I’ve learned to help leaders be better leaders.

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I want to help others to scale up beautiful ideas.

What result would you achieve if you were sure you could?

If we succeed in creating better leaders, they will have better methods. With better methods, they could create bigger improvements. This leads to bigger success.

My part is to trigger talent, and I want to do my part in leveraging the best ideas.

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I want to create a better world.

We are part of an incredible history: humankind

We take our place right now. The outcome of our actions will determine the result of our movement. Everyone is called to a change.

Building in public would inspire others and I can’t hide.

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In the end, beauty will win.

“Whakapapa. Plant trees you’ll never see.”

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