2 Reasons why Every Leader must Focus on Building a Better Environment: The Broken Windows Theory

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A picture AI generated with the comparison of a beautiful vs. ugly world

One of my strongest beliefs is that building better environments is the most prominent solution to most problems.

Environments strongly influence people’s behavior, and instead of trying to change someone who is not available to make it, you can adjust the environment whenever necessary.

This solution fits parents, entrepreneurs, mayors, and every “leader” you are.

There are a couple of reasons it is the most efficient way to improve the situation:

  • multiplier effect
  • passive resonance with people
  • autonomy

Aside from these couple of reasons, also does exist a good number of studies, but the one that has fascinated me for a long time is the following:

It is the tale of a so-told experiment, where in 1969, Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford was willing to demonstrate that disorder promotes crime.

With this goal, the experiment team left two identical cars, the same brand, model, and color, abandoned in the street in two different places: the Bronx in New York and Palo Alto in California.



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