2-Day Team-Building Session: How To Challenge, Look For A Better Future, And Build It Together

How to build your team on the challenge of a better world.

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We all know the feeling: another work week is beginning, and we’re already dreading it.

We have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

We’re stressed, anxious, and worried about the future.

But what if I told you there is a way to change all that?

Last week, I hosted a 2-days team-building session with my executive team, and we focused on just that:

  • how to challenge
  • how to look for a better future
  • how to build it together

Here are the five steps we followed:

1. The world is ending

We started by creating a sense of urgency about the world’s health. We face different challenges, and we must take our part in creating a better situation.

This placed the basis on developing a company-wide new purpose.

2. Your funeral is near

The team received a book for the introspection with some questions.

What kind of things would we want our loved ones to say about us? What kind of legacy would we want to leave behind?

This helped us to focus on our values and what’s truly important to us.

3. How can you be a better neighbor?

Next, we considered how we aligned the company better.

How can we establish better relationships? How can we create better alignment with our teams? What can we do to make our community a better place?

This step helped us to think about others and how we can work together for the greater good.

4. Create your challenge and routines

Now it was time to get practical. We each created our 3-year challenges, small-term target, and routines to help us achieve our goals.



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